Recreational Dance (ages 6+)


The Recreational Dance Program allows students to take Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Tumbling, as well as some competition-based classes (Leaps and Turns, Contemporary, and Strength and Flexibility). Recreational dancers do not compete, but they have the opportunity to perform every year at the annual recital and in our holiday Christmas shows. Rehearsals for recreational dances are separate from weekly class times and will occur throughout the week.


Ballet (ages 6+) 

Ballet is an hour long class, and it meets once a week. Ballet provides the necessary fundamentals for all other styles of dance. In this class, students will learn Ballet terminology and learn to execute the proper technique of posture, body lines, and turnout. Ballet classes include a stretch, a ballet barre, and either a center floor adage, a petit allegro, a grand allegro, or an across the floor.


Jazz (ages 6+) 

Jazz is an hour long class, and it meets once a week. Jazz dance incorporates Ballet techniques with faster-paced music for a very high energy class. Performance and individual personality are defining characteristics of jazz choreography. Typical jazz classes will include a center floor warm-up, progressions across the floor, and short combinations utilizing the different jazz styles. 

**Students enrolled in Jazz must also be enrolled in Ballet, as jazz dance training uses many Ballet techniques.


Tap (ages 6+) 

Tap is an hour long class, and it meets once a week. Tap is dynamic and percussive and uses shoes with metal taps on the bottoms to create intricate rhythms and patterns. Tap is integral to learning musicality for all styles of dance.


Hip Hop (ages 6+) 

Jazz Funk/Hip Hop is a 45 minute class, and it meets once a week. Hip Hop is a type of street dancing that incorporates swag and funk into the choreography. Hip Hop is the type of dancing typical of music videos and backup dancers for pop artists. Dancers enrolled in Hip Hop will perform one dance for the annual recital; the recital rehearsals are incorporated into the weekly class. 

**Students enrolled in Hip Hop must also be enrolled in Ballet and Jazz, as these two classes are fundamental for all other dance styles.



Tumbling/Acro is an hour to an hour and 15 minute long class and meets once a week. Tumbling/Acro class will consist of a thorough warm-up, and then progress into floor tumbling. Tumbling starts with cartwheels and advances to back bends, limbers, walkovers, back handsprings, and aerials. Balancing tricks such as chin stands, headstands, and elbow stands will also be studied. Acro class will focus on improving technique and mastering advanced tumbling skills such as press handstands, front aerials, back tucks, gainer aerials, and other challenging variations of basic skills. Dancers enrolled in Tumbling or Acro who also take Ballet and Jazz have the option of performing an Acro dance in the recital.

Tumbling (ages 7+) meets Wednesdays 7:45-8:45 and Thursdays 4:45-5:45


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Adult Classes


Currently The Beat does not offer adult classes, but if there is enough interest, we would be happy to try to accomodate some class options.