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The Beat Facility


Watch the VIDEO TOUR here!


The Beat offers two studio rooms, both with sprung floors for better shock absorption and injury prevention. For Tumbling, The Beat has soft panel mats for our younger tumblers and carpeted foam mats for our older tumblers. The Beat also has state of the art speakers manufactured to the industry's highest standards. We are also happy to announce that we have a TV in our waiting room to broadcast classroom activities every other week for classes in Studio 1 and 2.

Studio 1

The Beat's Studio 1 is a sprung marley studio. The bigger of the two studios, it is mostly used for older dancers studying ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop.  Our older tumbling students take class in Studio 1 as well. 

Studio 2

The Beat's Studio 2 is a sprung wood studio, making it perfect for all of our tap classes for crisp sounds and sliding capabilities. The smaller of the two studios, we also teach all of our Beginner Beat Program and our younger tumbling students in Studio 2. 

The Beat Shop


The Beat Shop is wonderful way to purchase gently used dancewear and shoes at low prices. It is also a great way to get rid of your old dance things and make some money at it as well. 

Dressing Room


Our 3 dressing room stalls are conveniently located right between the studios and are the perfect way to get ready for class. We also have shelving units available for all of your belongings.

Waiting Room

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